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Space: The Final Frontier for Travel

We are entering a new commercial space age and rockets are at the heart of this revolution. We look at the current status and outlook in 30 years

About Satellites and Paper Planes

Inspiration for students looking to build small satellites

So You Want To Start your own Space Agency?

Part III of V: Strategic Importance Recap Continuing our bimonthly installment of So You Want to Start your own Space […]


Your Path to Knowledge
Money Matters

Where to find that capital you need to make you idea happen, how to get the right attention from the right people

Mind Your Business

To get your business right

Panorama of Opportunities

Understand the opportunities you are surrounded by in the space sector

Rules of the Game

Legal and regulatory advice for you not get stuck in quicksands


Cool startups and things we love

Treasure Map

Our ultimate map of useful resources for all the areas 

Making space entrepreneurship information accessible, connecting space entrepreneurs with their needs.