This New Space Venture Database was setup by John W. Tucker, a manager at SpaceX, and also a New Space startup strategist in March 2017. It is a discovery platform for the New Space industry, especially the new and lesser known New Space companies, projects, products and services.

It works as an invite-only group of space enthusiasts with a simple goal: share, discover, and discuss new and interesting New Space companies, products, and services, which might be open to a wider audience in the future. Contributors can submit links to NewSpace Venture Database here. The subscribers who made the submission will get the updated links of the database daily.

At present, the database is composed of over 1,000 companies with diverse company sizes, business models, and geographic locations. With this number growing daily, we can analyze the NewSpace Ventures Count by countries or segments, for example.

As a New Space entrepreneur, seeing the new products, services, and capabilities, can be really helpful to reveal new insights and inspire new ideas. Do not hesitate to pull the red ribbon and take off!

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