Transitioning from one career path to another can be exhausting, stressful, and very challenging. While the move from a mainstream career to a niche career can be challenging, the journey from an Earth-based career path to a space-based career path can be even more daunting. I have found it’s difficult for some people to imagine a space-based business, because it sounds too fictional.   

Before moving from one career path to another or starting a new company, it is imperative to  perform due diligence by researching and investigating best viable paths of entry.

Here are two videos I found very helpful in my quest to transition to a new career as I launch a startup commercial space business.

The first video focuses on startup commercial space companies, the video is entitled “How to Launch a Space Start-up with Dr. Bob Richards” and it is hosted by Adeo Ressi. The conversation addresses detailed questions that a space entrepreneur would need to hear, learn, and implement. The discussion is packed full of personal and professional details that I believe will be very helpful for the space entrepreneur.

The second video targets startups. The subject presented applies to all businesses, especially startup businesses. The TED Talk is entitled, “Why do Startups fail?” by Bikash Barai. The presenter successfully started and managed a startup niche company within the IT sector.

Bikask discusses how having an idea for a niche service or product  offering is primary and the execution of this niche idea is secondary in promoting a successful business. Having a point of entry is the first  key factor for success, then executing strategies and tactics was the second most important key factor.  

During this less than 11 minutes video, Bikask, shares his very personal and professional journey in how to ensure profitability and success for a start-up company.

I found both videos to be very helpful and insightful in my quest to establish a sustainable and profitable private space startup company. I trust this information will be helpful to you.

Posted by Michael Clanton