Disrupt Space, similarly to astropreneurs.space, was born out of space enthusiasts meeting at the ISU Summer Session in 2014. Initially they organized Space Startup Weekends, pitching competitions where different space startups could present their ideas and network. However, they soon realized that broader networking opportunities were needed and they went on to create their flagship initiative, The Disrupt Space Summit. This two-day event held in the spring of 2016 and replicated in 2017, brings together space startups, investors and industry over two days of keynotes and networking. We interviewed the co-founders on space entrepreneurship and their contribution to the field.

Astropreneurs: How did the idea of creating Disrupt Space come up?

Disrupt Space: We identified a pain point, one that was initially our own, a lack of opportunities, support and sense of belonging for those that are creating space companies, i.e. a weak network effect. We decided to test an idea that we thought could tackle it and within that environment it did work (Startup Week Space). As a result we created 4 companies (Satsearch, Valispace, Spacestore, Spin) and a strong core community was formed.

Astropreneurs: Tell us more about Disrupt: what is your mission?

Disrupt Space: Our mission is to build a global hub for entrepreneurs to create and grow space startups, to foster international collaboration and to help break down barriers between space and other sectors.

Astropreneurs: How was the ride into creating Disrupt? What were the aspects that you found more difficult?

Disrupt Space: The creation process is ongoing and will never stop. The goal is to keep increasing the value that the organization creates in support of its purpose. How it does this will keep evolving and will adapt to new circumstances over time. The difficulty is to create enough momentum (and not die along the road) so that a sustainable business model around the community can emerge. One that is in alignment with the interest and purpose of the community.

Astropreneurs: What are your plans for the future?

Disrupt Space: 

  1. Understand, measure and capture the value that the community creates
  2. Platform and standardize that value creation process
  3. Grow that value creation process

Astropreneurs: Any recommendations to give to astropreneurs?

Disrupt Space: 

  • Find your purpose in life and stick to it, no matter what.
  • Don’t be afraid to take unexpected roads to fight for your purpose. Protip: It’s not going to be straight.
  • Never, ever give up

Astropreneurs: Ps. these tips are not specific to astropreneurs. Hence tip 4.

Disrupt Space: It’s not about space entrepreneurship, it’s about entrepreneurship using space!

The next Disrupt Space Summit will be announced shortly. You can follow the news at disruptspace.io and @idisruptspace

Posted by Marta Lebron