One month into 2018 and we have already had several conferences and events, so we thought: why not list all the upcoming events and conferences for the space industry for this year? This is exactly what we are going to do, so suit up and have your calendars ready. The list will include conferences and competitions for NewSpace as well as for “old space” ranging from innovation-focused events to manufacturing and everything in between.

Name When Where What
Space for Sustainability Award

 April 22nd Europe The Space for Sustainability Award was launched to raise awareness, stimulate the debate on space and sustainable development issues and to be a tool for innovative and creative project ideas in those areas. Contenders must be between 18-30 and come from an ESA member state (EU+EEA).
Space Horizons 2018

February 10 Brown University, RI, USA Workshop on entrepreneurial innovation in commercial remote sensing, communications and connectivity, space exploration and resource exploitation, and space tourism.
Low cost space launch

1Q 2018 Europe Competition for the development of low-cost space launchers. The contest is open to all legal entities (i.e. natural or legal persons, including international organizations) or groups of legal entities established in an EU Member State or in a country associated to Horizon 2020. Prize: €10 million
Space for Inspiration 29-31 Oct Bilbao, Spain The programme will focus on how research and development in the space sector is changing daily lives, meeting key challenges, and creating opportunities here on Earth.
Conference on european space policy

23-24 Jan Brussels, Belgium An annual conference with focus on European Space Policy filled with debates and talks from CEOs, European institutional decision makers, and representatives from the scientific and civil societies.
SmallSat Sympoisum

5-8 Feb Silicon Valley, CA, USA The heavyweight reigning champion of the SmallSat conferences filled with talks, workshops, and networking tailored for business minded people.
Space 2.0

3-5 April San Jose, CA, USA NewSpace focused program for companies to indulge in networking and deal-making with developers of AI, propulsion, debris mitigation, and many more.
Space Symposium

16-19 April Colorado Springs, CO, USA This annual gathering of space professionals and experts from all over the globe is the highlight of the year for many. Key notes include talks from influential speakers, networking, exhibitions and conferences.
ILA Berlin

25-29 April Berlin, Germany The trade event will be at to discuss future innovations, creating new business opportunities, and recruiting talents.

28 May – 1 June Marseille, France Organized by CNES, this will be a technical forum of the Space Missions Operations and Ground Systems community that will address state-of-the-art operation principles, methods, and tools.
NewSpace Conference

26-28 June Seattle’s Southport, WA, USA As the name implies, this conference is specially targeted at NewSpace companies, providing networking with the established industry and government agencies.
Small Sat

4-9 Aug Logan, UT, USA As small satellites continue to revolutionize the space sector we have an increase in the development of technologies, design methods, operational constructs, and other activities and concepts that will assure the success of SmallSat missions. This conferences covers all that and more.

1-5 Oct Bremen, Germany The International Astronautical Congress  this year will be in Bremen, where more than 4000 space actors will attend and exchange ideas across disciplines and create potential partnerships.
Additive Manufacturing for aerospace and space

20-22 Feb Munich, Germany This event is a platform to help the AM users, such as the ones using 3D printing technology, to exploit the performance gains and economic returns that AM brings to aerospace and space, landscaping key topics such as: materials & process qualification, certification, IP protection, industrial implementation, and quality management systems.
Singapore Airshow 2018

6 -11 Feb Singapore The Singapore Airshow is a biennial event where government and military delegations as well as corporate executives from around the world meet up to forge partnerships and make deals. It is also Asia’s largest airshow, one surely not to be missed.
Global Space Applications Conference (GLAC)

21-23 May Montevideo, Uruguay Last time GLAC took place was in 2014 in Paris. Since then, the satellite applications community has developed significantly with new applications, methods, and operations. GLAC will focus all of that in the context of developing space nations such as the host nation.
Airtec 2018

9-11 Oct Stuttgart, Germany Tailored for suppliers in the aerospace and space industry, this event will focus on topics such as: smart supply, AM, digitization, autonomy, space innovation, and many more. There is in addition a very strong emphasis on B2B with pre-arranged meetings between buyers and technology experts.
Reinventing Space Conference

30 Oct – 1 Nov London, UK Organized by the British Interplanetary Society, the conference and exhibition will address among other things: space tourism, satellite refuelling, debris removal, debris exploitation,  manufacturing in orbit and real-time video from space.
Canadian SmallSat Symposium 2018

13 – 15 Feb Toronto, Canada Like two years ago, the Canadian Space Commerce Association will once again host the SmallSat Symposium in Toronto. Picking up from where it left off, this year the focus will be on the sustainability of opportunity in space. The intensive program will cover many themes including finance and business, government role, launch opportunities and challenges, and space policy and law.
Military Space Situational Awareness Conference

25-26 April London, UK As everything has become increasingly data driven, operation of space systems will be of utmost importance for government and military agencies.

The event will thus attract key military, government, civilian, and industry stakeholders to discuss approaches and strategies to space situational awareness.

Earth and Space Conference

9 – 12 April Cleveland, OH, USA An interdisciplinary conference on the crossroad between civil engineering and aerospace with exciting topics such as the use of civil engineering approaches and structures to aerospace environments, exploration of planetary bodies, and other parallel topics like architecture and in-situ resource utilisation.
MilSatCom Asia Pacific

14-15 May Singapore A conference with focus on satellite communications in the Asia-Pacific region, more specifically, on protected tactical satcom investments that are increasing in the region. Attendees will have the opportunity to develop regional and international partnerships with key nations such as Japan, Vietnam, Singapore, and Australia, among others.
Aerospace Mechanism Symposium

16-18 May Cleveland, OH, USA A conference for the hardware lovers, with the entirety of the symposium dedicated to aerospace mechanisms covering design, fabrication, test, and operation. It will be both a social and a technical forum with courses and tours for both those active in the field and those interested in the field.
DATT Summit 2018

4 – 7 June Orlando, FL, USA DATT was started by professionals with more than 25 years in the telemetry industry, it comes as no surprise it is one of the key events for those in the same business. In addition to the networking, special events, and prominent speakers, this year’s focus will be on education with specialized workshop tracks.
Satellite Innovation Symposium 2018

8-10 Oct Silicon Valley, CA, USA At the heart of one of the world’s technology hub, the conference will  focus heavily on innovation and entrepreneurship with key speakers and interviews on constellations, launch innovation and economics, and cyber security.
Global Space and Technology Convention

1-2 Feb Singapore For many, space and Asia do not correlate, but as one of many conferences in Singapore it should prove prove them wrong. Key speakers from almost all continents will cover topics within Big Data, AM, future of unhackable data, innovation in satellite platforms, and the future of satcom in LEO/GEO.

25-26 May Worldwide Initiated by CNES and supported by ESA as well as ESA BIC Network, this contest is designed for students, but open to everyone with a thrive for entrepreneurship and NewSpace.
Satellite 2018

12 -15 March Washington, DC, USA An estimated 14500 attendees will be at this year’s event from across the industries with prominent speakers from SpaceX, NASA, US House of Reps. among others. With a full packed program that includes forums within broadcast and media, ground technology, imagery and sensing, and mobile connectivity, among many others.
CASBAA Satellite Industry Forum

25 June Singapore Satellite forum with discussions on c-band, launch costs, all-electric world, and internet of things.

Posted by Shafa Aria