Fantasy vs. Reality

The hit sci-fi television series ‘The Expanse’ is back for a third season, the first episodes premiered on the 11th of April. The American television series is based on a series of novels and books by James S.A. Corey. It may be one of the best science fiction series on television at this time due to how  the writers captured the “true” nature of people, governments, and corporations.

The timeline of ‘The Expanse’ series takes place 200 years into the future, where humans have migrated beyond the Earth and into the solar system, including Mars and the outer Asteroid Belt, which is located between Mars and Jupiter.   

The series introduces four rivaling factions that are at odds with each other, with an imminent brink of solar system planetary war.  The rivaling factions are as follows:

  1. Earthers – Earth born inhabitants  
  2. Martians – Mars born inhabitants
  3. Belters – Inhabitants born within the Asteroids Clusters/Belt  
    1. The Belters have created an organization called Outer Planets Alliance (OPA).  The OPA represent the interest of All Belters born between Mars and Jupiters.
  4. Corporate interest can be considered the fourth factor. There appear to be two rivaling corporations that represent the military industrial complex. Both organizations originated from Earth but has expanded it presence and footprint throughout the solar system.
    1. Tycho Manufacturing and Engineering Concern
    2. And Protegen

The series writers have done an excellent job in describing the “explosive” dynamics between the four groups. Here is a brief highlight of the explosive dynamics.

  1. Mars’ and Earth’s global economies (two largest in the solar system)  are heavily dependent and demand cheap Belters’ natural resources in order for the Earth and Mars to maintain it economy.
  2. The two largest economies, Mars and Earth, are about to go to all-out war.  This feud is due to historical, political, and economic challenges and assassinations, attempted and successful, upon the heads of states from both planets.
  3. Belters are demanding equal rights, better living conditions and fair pricing for their national resources and labor. In addition, they believe that Mars’ and Earth’s governments and people are discriminating against them. This protest is causing a growing threat of violent revolutionary actions against individuals, corporations, and the entire solar system governmental bodies.  
  4. Without giving too much information away, the corporate dynamics between the two corporations and the governments are very unsettling, volatile and highly explosive.  One corporation is considered terrorist-friendly while the other corporation has massive lobbyist influence and controls within the both Mars’ and Earth’s governments.

You may ask, “Why is this piece being featured as of article of interest for the Astropreneurs?  “I thought this site primary dealt with space entrepreneurship and space business activity?”

The answer is as follows, “This article is gravely importance because of the ever present threat of possible war on our planet, which can/will affect us all”.  

It is imperative that this article, as well as The Expanse TV series, novels, books, and similar media resources should be heavily considered and reflected upon by all space faring businesses, individuals, governments, organizations, and astropreneurs.  There appears to be a very strong connection between art/fantasy and reality: “Does art imitate life?” or ““Does life imitate art?”

There is very little doubt that art/fantasy and reality are mirror images. In addition, art/fantasy  and reality appear to be on different timelines. Reality appears to be lagging, but increasing its speed behind art/fantasy.  Eventually the two timelines may sync with each other. Can this happen?

Still don’t buy it? Please view this link and tell me if this is art/fantasy, reality or both? What recent event does this video remind you of?

That being said, it appears that art/fantasy and reality maybe moving into sync, sharing the same timeline. Is this possible?  If so, will it be difficult to determine art/fantasy from reality?

In my view, the merger of the art/fantasy and reality timelines is more real now than ever before, you can witness this while viewing one of the anthology series such as Black Mirror, Electric Dreams, Amazing Stories, Twilight Zone, Outer Limits, and etc…  

Here are some “real” Earth current events that may mirror fantasy/art.

1.Sentient Beings: Redefining Rights For All of Earth’s Inhabitants

2. Space Resources, Mining, and the Global Economy

3. The Solar System’s Real Estate Market

Terraforming Ourselves

Jim Dator: Photo by David Menidrey on Unsplash

Jim Dator is a well-known university professor and a world-renowned futurist. Astropreneurs had the privilege to hear him speak in Cork, Ireland at the ISU Space Studies Program.  Professor Dator mentioned multiply noteworthy statements in his classes. However, his most memorable statement, had very little to do with technological advancements, space exploration, or the cosmos in general; the statement he made was more of an inward and an authentic assessment of one’s self.   He encouraged and provoked the students to explore our very being to engage or seek to terraform oneself.

“It’s unscientific! And so I say that among all the many things we transform on Mars, ourselves and our social reality should be among them. We must terraform not only Mars, but ourselves.” (2.4.140)
Transformation isn’t just something that happens in Red Mars, it can also be a choice. And since it’s going to happen anyway, the characters might as well try to choose the transformation.
(Quote #3)

Professor Dator’s statement about terraforming oneself is the inspiration for this article.  As astropreneurs are key actors in shaping our future both on and beyond this planet, we encourage you to ponder the following questions:

  • As we plan to reach for Mars, the stars and beyond should we also plan to terraform our ourselves?  
    • What does this look like for you?
    • Do you believe this is possible?
  • Is it easier to terraform Mars or is it easier to terraform ourselves?
  • What are your thoughts on this matter?

This article is the third of several series of articles written with the space entrepreneur in mind. The objective is to provoke, investigate, explore, promote, encourage, and assist in establishing a healthy and sustainable space economy within the solar system and beyond. You can find the other articles here and here.

Posted by Michael Clanton