NewSpace Hub (formerly known as NewSpace Ventures) is an open source database that includes over 2000 space-related companies, projects, products, and services. We covered NewSpace Hub (NSH) last year when the project was just kicking off and since then it has grown. Astropreneurs sat down to speak with John Tucker, manager at SpaceX by day and founder of NSH by night, to learn more about the project.

NewSpace Hub started in March 2017 as an experiment. While compiling a personal list of space companies he found useful, John realized that others might be interested in a central space-data hub. The idea snowballed as the number of companies included in NSH grew and grew. The project is community driven with numerous contributors adding entries to the database on an on-going basis.

John’s motivation is to provide information on the space industry to those that need it. NewSpace Hub is for anyone looking to find opportunities, make connections and spur ideas. So, what are you waiting for?!

How can you use NSH?

NSH is first and foremost a database covering a range of companies, products, and services with diverse company sizes, business models, and geographic locations. The original spreadsheet can be found on the website. Look for the ‘old spreadsheet’ from the drop-down menu on the right-hand side of the page.

NewSpace Hub Website

The companies are listed in the spreadsheet but there is also the ability to filter by different categories. For each entry key information is provided such as location of the organization, a brief summary, and a website link.

John also produces a newsletter that provides a daily snapshot of new additions to the database and highlighting different space companies. You can subscribe here!

For entrepreneurs (and, of course, Astropreneurs!) NSH now includes software tools, resources, other space databases, associations, organizations, and incubators to help astropreneurs get started.

Real Life Case Studies

Many entrepreneurs are using NSH and you can too! John reported that half of NSV users are existing or aspiring entrepreneurs, while the other half are private or institutional investors and journalists. Each type of user has different priorities and motivations for using the database. Entrepreneurs largely use it to search for potential leads, market opportunities, and helpful resources, while investors primarily use the site to make connections and better understand the space industry.

Here are a few examples of how users have capitalized on NSH for a variety of projects:

  • Bryce Space and Technology uses NSH as a source of data for their Start-Up Space Report. They use the database to identify companies to research further and investigate their investment history.
  • One graduate student used NSH to supplement research on the Earth observation and remote sensing market. He identified companies to research further by applying a filtering for companies in that market as those downstream.
  • A space startup based out of Australia leveraged the NSH database to identify and reach out to potential customers. Their first clients were acquired through NSH connections.
  • Students from universities have been searching for companies with internships and using NSH to identify potential job opportunities.

What next for NewSpace Hub?

The spreadsheet is active and accessible, but John is planning to fully transition to an open source website. The website is currently still in testing phase and is not yet fully accessible to new users.

Future iterations of the website will be more interactive, allowing users to suggest new listings as well as updates for existing entries. The spreadsheet will still be available for users to access. For professional and business services, users will be able to download the data and utilize high-level analytics.

As a New Space entrepreneur, discovering new products, services, and companies can be beneficial for revealing new insights and inspiring new ideas. Got thoughts on how to use the NewSpace Hub database? Share them with us!

Posted by Harriet Brettle