Welcome back, Astropreneurs! It’s finally time for the global space community to gather together in Bremen, Germany for the 2018 International Astronautical Congress. During the week of October 1st – 5th, researchers, entrepreneurs, inventors, and even world leaders will share their expertise and excitement for the future of the space industry.
In anticipation of this year’s gathering, we handpicked a selection of events taking place at the conference that we feel would benefit entrepreneurs seeking inspiration and engagement, as well as networking opportunities. If you are not attending in person, be sure to check out the GNF sessions (marked with an asterisk)  where you can tune in, follow the session and ask questions remotely. All times are CET.

We have color-coded many of our favorite events under three general topics for your convenience: (1) astropreneurship, (2) the cutting edge, and (3) beyond LEO.
Events labeled under astropreneurship are generally geared towards connecting people and ideas to help generate activity in the space industry. The cutting edge includes events focused on new, potentially disruptive technologies that are emerging in the industry. Finally, beyond LEO includes events discussing what life may one day look like in orbit around the Earth, on the Moon, and even Mars.

Be sure to check out our list below and we can’t wait to see you all in Bremen next week!

Monday, October 1   First Day: Messe Bremen (MB), ISZ

IAC Opening Ceremony (always an awe inspiring experience)

IAC Opening Exhibition (take a look at the floor plan and get ready to come face-to-face with your favorite space companies and other industry players)

Plenary 1: Heads of Agencies (Bremen Conference Center – DLR Hall)

Announcement of the Moon Race: Pioneering sustainable Lunar Exploration (CCB Gallery – 1st Floor)

IAC Welcome Reception (get out there and get to know everyone!)

Tuesday, October 2  Messe Bremen, ISZ, Convention Center, Universum Bremen

Plenary 3: High Tech Entanglement: How the Diverse Global Space Industry and Other High-tech Sectors are Becoming More Entwined and Interdependent (Bremen Conference Center – DLR Hall)

Including Everyone in Lunar Exploration (Bremen Conference Center – DLR Hall) speakers will cover all aspects of lunar exploration – technology, programmatic, policy, economic/societal, and education/workforce. The series of speakers– representing large and small companies, educators, and venture capitalists will offer fast- paced presentations in their area of expertise, and the moderator with facilitate questions from the audience in the last half hour.

IAC Startup Pitch Session and OHB Innovation Pitch Challenge Prize (Bremen Conference Center – DLR Hall)

Blockchain and Space (Part I)  (CCB Focke-Wulf-Saal)

Blockchain and Space (Part II)  (OVB 6)

Industry Deep Dives: ispace’s First Commercial Lunar Missions: Launcher, Lander, and Roadmap (Bremen Conference Center – DLR Hall)

Earth Observation to the Power of Hundreds – The Story of Planet (Bremen Conference Center – DLR Hall) Planet designs, builds, and launches satellites faster than any company government in history by using lean, low-cost electronics and design iteration. Agnieszka Lukaszczyk, Planet’s Senior Director for European Affairs, will dive deeper into the notion of the agile space that Planet operates by and the game changer small satellites have been to the Earth observation ecosystem.

The Growing Role of Articficial Intelligence in Space Exploration (Bremen Conference Center – DLR Hall)

Wednesday, October 3     Messe Bremen, ISZ, Bremen Ratskeller

Plenary 5: The Next Generation Plenary – Small Sats – Involving Everyone through Their Applications (Bremen Conference Center – DLR Hall)

Space Spin-Ins from Underground – CERN’s Aeropsace Applications (Bremen Conference Center – DLR Hall) CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research based in Geneva (CH), has a worldwide reputation in the field of High Energy Physics. However, the technologies and facilities developed in order to reach its core scientific objectives find short-term tangible applications in many other domains, from medicine to aerospace. This presentation will show the impact that a non-space organization can have in the aerospace field through examples of past, present and future projects.

OHB Fostering Innovation Session (Bremen Conference Center – OHB Booth), learn about the winning ideas of INNOSpace Weekend and other competitions, get inspired by their projects and meet who is behind the innovative ideas.

Mansoor Shar, Bryce:  Startup Space: Global Investment Trends (CCB Roselius)

Rocket Lab: Liberating the Small Satellite Market, Peter Beck Rocket Lab CEO, Session 5 – Access to Space for Small Satellite Missions (ZARM 2)

The UK Space Agency – Towards 2030 (Bremen Conference Center – CCB Hansesaal)

Young PRofessionals’ Networking Event and Astropreneur Panel (CCB Borgward)

Thursday, October 4         Messe Bremen, ISZ

How will Quantum Technologies Change the Future of Space? (Bremen Conference Center – DLR Hall). Quantum Technologies is a cross and multidisciplinary area which has possibly disruptive impact on many fields relevant to the space industry. The so-called second quantum revolution is now about to come, and the way the space sector works and approach solutions might change sooner than later affecting all industries worldwide.

14:45 -16:15
Workshop: Global Space Exploration: Increasing Benefits through International and Commercial Partnerships (CCB Focke-Wulf-Saal)

SpaceGen Entrepreneurs Forum (Hansesaal in the Conference Center, Bremen) It is designed to connect entrepreneurs and potential entrepreneurs with start-up veterans and Venture Capitalists, Investors, Business Angels and Business Incubators.

HIGHLIGHT LECTURE 3: The Sky is not the Limit – Paving the Way for an Orbital Society (Airbus CEO) (Bremen Conference Center – DLR Hall)

Yuri’s Night (Club Modernes – we’ll be dancing all night in celebration of mankind’s unified effort to explore and utilize space)

Friday, October 5   Messe Bremen, ISZ

Adoption of Space Technologies and Applications in Emerging/Newspace Actors (ÖVB 4)

Group Discussion: A Scientific “Wish List” for Research Facilities on the Moon (ÖVB 1)

EarthMoonMars: Involving Everyone (Bremen Conference Center – DLR Hall) It is time to debate how to involve everyone as a Global community to benefit from Earth. Moon and Mars space activities. The panelists will review recent EarthMoonMars key space missions and projects. They will discuss potential EarthMoonMars research, benefits and values of an EarthMoonMars approach for engaging everyone.

Prizes and Challenges in the Space Sector (CCB Bergen)

Creating the Moon Village: First Results from the Drawing Board (Moon Village Association, MVA) (Bremen Conference Center – DLR Hall) A panel discussion with MVA’s institutional members, working group leads, NGOs and selected start-ups that will describe their moon related activities and their relevance for the implementation of a moon settlement.


Link to the IAC 2018 website: https://www.iac2018.org/program/

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Link to the IAC 2018 Global Networking Forum Programme: https://iafastro.directory/iac/browse/IAC-18/catalog-technical-programme

Posted by Marshall McKellar, Harriet Brettle and Paola Belingheri