This year the Astropreneurs brought you the stories of many astropreneurs. Visionaries, dreamers and pragmatists, they all left us words of inspiration and advice. Here are some of our favourites.

I truly believe that we are at the dawn of a space revolution of a scale unseen and unimagined before. Humanity is going to expand from LEO to the Moon, Mars, and beyond. Space commerce, space tourism, resource mining, and benefits to humanity are upon us in a significant way. This is a good time to be an entrepreneur in space.
Leon Alkalai, AstroLabs

For me, the value of space becoming more open is that even small agencies, organized hobbyists, and university programs can send projects into space. This allows new ideas—and potentially better ideas—unprecedented access to the incredible testing platform of outer space. My hope is that this increased access will galvanize more and more students entering college to see space as a tangible reality. This would be an amazing culture shift, especially considering that access to space felt like an impossible dream for my generation, reserved only for astronauts and giant governments/corporations. It’s time that we even the playing field.
Andy Kieatiwong, Additive Rocket Corporation

We believe in and are working toward a future where humans living and working in space is commonplace.
Harrison Pitman, MadeInSpace

The biggest opportunity exists for those who have the skills, genes and wish to do something on their own even though it is not easy. Those who did consider it quite an enrichment.
Jörg Kreisel, iBoss

I think there are a few different factors that can play an interesting role in the development of New Space. As I mentioned, unlocking the data layers of space applications will create a huge influx of capital in the private sector. Enabling insight in the data layers using machine learning is a particularly low-hanging fruit.
Corporate structures are interesting as we see more and more companies evolve into complex organizations. These organizations have remote workforces, work internationally from their inception, benefit from multiple corporate jurisdictions, and more. I think this will be quite exciting for the space sector, but there will also be a number of legal hurdles (import/export regulations, for example) that will need to be overcome for these complex organizations to truly flourish.
Elburz Sorkhabi, function(core)

If you want to start a company, then do your homework as best as you can and talk to experienced individuals. Listen carefully to what they say. Make sure you find an advisor who shares your vision.
Since I have a passion for basketball and am a big fan of Kobe Bryant, I would like to quote him here because this sentence is true in all life situations, including starting a company: “If you’re afraid to fail, then you’re probably going to fail!”
Shahrokh Khodabakhshi, HostMi

Being realistic doesn’t mean to give up your dreams. You have to think if you go too fast sometimes, or you think you can take shortcuts, that’s the moment where you lose time and waste your time. Be realistic and be ready to start from zero again.
Stefano Antonetti, D-Orbit

Build something that somebody wants. That’s all it is. And there are a million things we can do that have nothing to do with building something that somebody wants. The simple idea of ‘building something that somebody wants’ has a lot of aspects to it. That means you need to know what people want. That means you need to build something. That means you need to test it. In other words, build, ship, test, rinse and repeat. That’s all a startup needs to do.
Kartik Kumar, SatSearch

Find the customers first, understand their needs deeply and when you have a real need identified with a sustainable business model, leverage on partners to bring that solution to market quickly. Do not reinvent the wheel and focus only on the technologies that bring you a higher competitive advantage. Do not start a company because the technology is cool, start a company to solve a big problem.
Rafael Jorda, OpenCosmos

In order to be successful and long-lasting, a business today shall balance purpose and profits.
Elena Toson, T4i

Read everything you can, find what inspires you and join the sector.
Bidushi Battacharya, AstropreneursHub and BSE