Mission and Vision

Our mission: To make space entrepreneurship information accessible to any individual and to connect space entrepreneurs with their needs.
Our vision: We envision a world where space is not the final frontier but a marketplace where new technologies are developed, new business models are tested and benefits are constantly brought back to Earth for peaceful purposes and to improve everyday lives.

Who are we?

Adam Elkins    Ananyo Bhattacharya   Annette Parks   Daniel Lee   Daniel Sors Raurell   Emeline De Antonio   Fabiana Milza   Gary Calnan   Gourav Namta   Harriet Brettle   Jacopo Panerati   Marshall McKellar   Marta Lebron Gaset Mclee Kerolle  Michael Clanton   Niamh Higgins   Paola Belingheri   Pedro Coelho   Shafa Aria   Timo Ruehl

Where did we start?

The Astropreneurs initiative started with a group of 28 people from 14 countries across the world, participating in the International Space University Space Studies Program 2017 in Cork, Ireland. Tasked with understanding the needs of startups in the NewSpace arena, we identified a dearth of support for these enterprises and created this webtool to guide entrepreneurs and innovators through some of the unique challenges of operating a business in space. Our team is growing thanks to the recruitment of volunteer writers every 6 months.

About the International Space University and the Space Studies Program

Now in its 30th year, the International Space University is an international higher education institution headquartered in Strasbourg, France, that provides graduate-level training to future leaders of the emerging global space industry. ISU holds its Space Studies Program in a different city every year, where it brings together participants from across the world to study in a highly international, intercultural and interdisciplinary environment. ISU also holds its Master of Space Studies program at its Strasbourg campus every year.

The team in 2017

Astropreneurs.space Launch Video