The International Space University (ISU), founded in 1987 in Massachusetts, US, and now headquartered in Strasbourg, France, is the world’s premier international space education institution. It is supported by major space agencies and aerospace organizations from around the world. The graduate level programs offered by ISU are dedicated to promoting international, interdisciplinary, and intercultural cooperation in space activities. ISU offers the Master of Space Studies Program (MSS) at its Central Campus in Strasbourg. Since the summer of 1988, ISU has also conducted the highly acclaimed Space Studies Program (SSP) at different host institutions in locations spanning the globe. ISU programs are delivered by over 100 ISU faculty members in concert with invited industry and agency experts from institutions around the world. Since its founding in 1987 on the campus of MIT, with Sir Arthur C. Clarke as its Founding Chancellor, more than 4,200 students from over 100 countries have graduated from ISU.